Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the t-shirt made out of?

Our t-shirts are made out of 100% cotton.

How can I wash it if it’s waterproof?

Clean Shield Technology does help shield the shirt from spills and stains, however the shirt is not waterproof, and in fact, washes like a normal t-shirt! Avoid fabric softener and bleach, as these can damage the liquid-repellent properties. Read our full care instructions here.


What will it repel against?

We’ve got a long list for you (and yes, we gave it to kids to put it to the test). It works particularly well with viscous liquids like juice, soda, water, milk, etc. Heavier or more sticky stains like ice cream, chocolate sauce, ketchup and Mac&Cheese, we’ve got good news for you: it works, but for best results rinse the food with water until it’s fully removed (don’t rub it in).


Is the material rough from the Clean Shield Technology?

No, our t-shirts are super soft. This was the first requirement from parents and kids when we surveyed and tested it with over 1,000 parents. The fabric for the shirt is also 100% cotton.


Will the product shrink after washing?

Our t-shirts are made from 100% Cotton, which naturally may shrink if too much heat is used during care. Please follow our care instructions to prevent shrinking (as shrinkage mostly comes from hot dryers.)


Do you make an adult-sized version?

Fellow coffee drinkers, we feel you. Currently no, but we will keep you posted! (We’re not going to stop you from checking out the size chart to see if the kids sizes (14+) might work for you, however).


Is it safe for my kids?

 Part of making better days for all, is making better products for us to use. We put our products to the test, to make sure they meet, and wherever we can, go beyond the global standards for kids apparel. Our Products are third-party Certified to Meet the Requirements for the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).


Has the shirt been tested?

Our Clean Shield Technology has been tested by world leading Bureau Veritas Laboratories to pass all US standards for Kids Apparel.


Does the product contain any PFOA?

No! The shirt does not contain PFOA.


Will the liquid-repellent come off when I wash or dry it?

We guarantee the Clean Shield Tech will last a minimum of 30 washes. Then the repellent efficacy will start to fade over time.


Where is it made?

Made in Vietnam. Ships and distributes from our U.S. facilities.


Will the color fade?

We had a third-party lab test our fabric for fading, and we passed with flying colors! (No pun intended).


What sizes are available?

We have sizes ranging from Kids 4-5 to 14+. Please refer to our size chart for more information to find your perfect fit for the kids.