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Our lab

We're on a mission to solve life's little messes and create better days for all, one stain-repel item at a time

Mom Approved

To ensure safety and wellbeing, all of our products are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and OEKO TEX 100 certified and tested for your peace of mind and your childs safety

Good days for all

How do we do it? At The Good Day Lab, we strive to engineer products that create better days, and solve for life’s little messes, so kids and parents can do more and worry less.

Product Development

We talk to parents and moms from across the U.S. and listen to what is important. With these insights, we go back to our lab to solve them through good design and innovation.

Page Title

Waste Less

Our stain repel clothes help save over 18,500 gallons of water and 2.1M tones of CO2 every year.

Donation Program

Our clothes are durable and stain repellent to ensure they last LONGER than you’ll need them. We work with local charities who donate outgrown clothes to kids in need.

Designed for Earth

Created to help lower the effects of wastefulness from fast-fashion. All of our clothes are designed to LAST and passed onto to other siblings once outgrown.

Clothing for the planet

Creating a better, stain-free day for you

Stain Repel and Durable
5x Less Laundry for better, happier family days

Reduce Waste Resources
Help save 18K gal of water and 2M tones of CO2

1% of Profit Given Back
We raise awareness for child mental health