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Engineering a Better Day

How we're applying the latest innovations to make better days for all.

Engineering a Better Day

How we're applying the latest innovations to make better days for all.

Certified Safe

Our Products are third-party Certified to Meet the Requirements for the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Part of making better days for all, is making better products for us to use. We put our products to the test, to make sure they meet, and wherever we can, go beyond the global standards for kids apparel.

About our Materials and Science

What it's made of: 100% Cotton


What this means: Cotton is a natural, durable fiber with climate control benefits. It’s known for its breathable properties, meaning it's a great choice for kids clothing as it helps wick away excess moisture when they sweat.

Test Results

Test Type Pass

Absence of known harsh chemicals or dyes

Seam Stretchability of Knitted Garments

Fiber Analysis

Flammability of Clothing Textiles

Our Fabric

Clean Shield Technology

What it is: Our Clean Shield Technology creates a hydrophobic barrier around the fabric, helping to repel liquids away from the surface.


What this means: Clean Shield Technology permits the fabric to repel droplets of liquid away from the surface of the fabric, in effect shielding it from spills and stains that would otherwise instantly absorb into the fabric.


Our Clean Shield Technology is designed to combine the best of all worlds: it’s stain-resistant, while remaining soft, breathable and retains its ability to stretch for comfort.


Clean Shield Tech does an excellent job at resisting stains and helping to repel stains, even heavy stains like ketchup and chocolate sauce! We recommend for spills and stains, to immediately try to wipe away or use water to help remove heavier stains and prevent it from soaking into the fabric. (The water you use to remove the stain will also repel, keeping the shirt dry!)


Worried how it will wash? It can get wet, and will wash and dry like any normal t-shirt.

Test Results

Test Type Pass



Oil Repellency

PH Balance in Textiles

What it is: We tested our shirts and used materials to make sure they’re durable and long-lasting.


What this means: This means our shirts are resistant to color-fading and maintain their liquid-repel properties over time. We guarantee it will last up to 30 washes, considering the care instructions are followed.


Our Liquid-Repellent T-Shirts will wash and dry like any normal t-shirt. The stain-resistant properties will start to fade over usage, but we guarantee that it will last up to 30 washes.

Test Results

Test Type Pass

Resistance to Color Fading

Liquid-Repellency After 30 Washes


Common Questions and Answers

What is CPSIA?

The Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act is a U.S. law restricting levels of hazardous materials in products imported or made within the US, especially those for children.


This means garments, especially for children, must meet certain standards in terms of materials, dyes, and other requirements to be deemed suitable for kids to use.

What does CPSIA Certified mean?

Being CPSIA Certified means that our products were third-party tested and certified by a globally accredited laboratory to ensure they pass the requirements outlined in the CPSIA.


By saying we’re certified, it means we have officially passed the test!

What does "third-party" lab tested mean?

This means we sent our products to an independent lab that is accredited to perform the tests required to issue a CPSIA certification.


For our Kids Liquid-Repellent T-Shirt, the third-party lab conducted more than 200 tests alone.