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Our Technology

We're combining the latest textile technology with good design to solve for the common bad-day-causers. Our mission is to create products that take the mess, stress and fuss out of daily life. 

Using Tech to Engineer a Better Day

Problem: Kid's Spill... A Lot 


Our solution: stain-resistant fabric

What if there was a way to make clothes less likely to stain? There is! The Good Day Lab™ Liquid-Repellent T-Shirt uses an advanced fabric treatment that repels liquids away from the surface of the shirt, preventing stains and keeping kids dry.

86% of parents we surveyed said stains were a common problem with their kids clothes. (The other 14% lied.) 

This technology works especially well with highly viscose liquids, like water, juice, soda, etc., but not foods with high oil content. Worried about heavier stains, like ketchup? It will help, too, but for best results you can use water to rinse the stain off until it's gone. 

Because kids can easily wipe off or remove stains from their clothes themselves, they will feel more independent, self-reliant and empowered. 

Our t-shirts went under rigorous testing from a world-renowned laboratory, Bureau Veritas, to certify they meet all the requirements of the U.S Consumer Protection and Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) to be safe for children to use. This means it's free of any hazardous chemicals, dyes or irritants.  

Problem: Tags Can Be Itchy 

Our solution: no fabric tag!

Have you ever cut the tags off of your kid's clothes? We have too. Tags can be irritating to kid's sensitive skin.

 65% of parents we surveyed said tags were a nuisance. So why have them? 

We opted for a screen-printed tag that even has a place for you to write your kid's name on the inside, and it won't bleed through to the other side. This will keep them from mixing up shirts or getting lost at camp or other activities.  

Problem: Uncomfortable Fabric 

Our solution: breathable, 4-way stretch fabric

With kids, comfort is a top priority.

 76% of parents surveyed said they were concerned about discomfort for their kids clothes. 

Our shirts are made out of 100% cotton. Cotton is naturally durable and is great for regulating temperature. It wicks away moisture to keep you cool, stretches four ways for a great fit, and won't rub or chafe against your skin.

We're constantly searching for what to solve next. Check back to see what we're working on in our lab.